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 dk application [Accepterad]

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dk application [Accepterad] Empty
InläggRubrik: dk application [Accepterad]   dk application [Accepterad] I_icon_minitimetis dec 30, 2008 3:47 am

this is my self-made application, its in english ye :p


In-game name: fashioncrime
Nationality: Norwegian
Server: Stormreaver
Age: 19
Class and spec: Deathknight, unholy atm, but will be respeccing to whatever needs you have
Alts (only post if above lvl 70): Rileylol, 80 rogue stormreaver, (previous Main)

Armory link:
my dk
My rogue, pvp gear atm, but got 25man gear except 10man heroes, Calamity's grasp etc, 4-5
weapons with berserker enchant, loads of extra gear in backpacks including 400 frostress unbuffed

What is your /played: 240 days on my rogue, on my dk, obviously not that much as it's been my alt ;P just levled it to 80 =)

Professions and reasons for choosing them: Im planning on rolling either Jewelcrafting/mining, or jewelcrafting/inscription, i feel all the proffesion are kinda equal atm
considering the bonus u get from them, if ur enchanter and got 32*2 = 64 ap rings, or u got the shoulder enchant from Insc wich gives 64 more ap over the
Sons of hodir one, only thing that will change with time is epic gems, so jewelcrafters self-made gems are the only thing that will be a little "gimp" over

Previous guilds and reasons you have left: ive never left a guild, it's always been a disband or officer problems, cause of retarded officers who doesnt know
how to lead a guild.. wich is quite sad tbh,

vendetta kazzak -pretbc, rogue named eldarrow
Stygian Kazzak -tbc, Old SYNERGY from daggerspine.
Lost ghostlands -tbc
Order of the muffin daggerspine -tbc.

reason for leaving vendetta, everyone migrated and there was rarely 10 people in the guild, so i left
Stygian kazzak, reason for leaving? well i never heard of the word Keylogger before, but i found out what i was when my account got hacked,
and silly me wouldnt even think of saving something like cd keys etc..
Order of the muffin? left when we merged with some really bad guild called RTF
Lost ?, inactive before lich king, and i rerolled back to horde

Do you raid from home or NetCafe/School/Uni: I raid from home, i got a very stabile and good Internett connection, same as i bought a new computer
for some weeks ago, so my computer can handle the lich king content on full gfx without any problems, aka i dont got fps problems, nor random disconnects

UI screenshot:
Keybindings: 12345,b,f,v,Shift+R.R.E.Q shift+1,2,3,4,5 c,g,Shift+e,t,shift+T,shift+V,Shift+space, Controll+1,2,3,4,5,shift+g,Y,shift+y cant think of anymore then.
WWS link(s): havent used those for a while.. but i can give u some numbers tho.. as my lich king guild wasnt any good at all.. cleared 25man naxx and thats it, failed on malygos cause they kept inviting people
who asked "what about the outher bosses???Very Happy" when we just killed KT on heroic, and "What iz hardr??! thiz or sarthiron??" when doing malygos 25man, and obv ppl like that cant keep up stacks on in phase3, Either can they
move from Fishers when trying sartharion +1drake >; (ye lol iknow) so.. to the numbers =)

been raiding in lich king as Hunger for blood mutilate on the screenshott above on my ui, that was like the first patchwerk kill, or the second, i had Rarely
100 hit (ye was slacking cause i could.. Razz) and eneded up with 3k, with maexxna 10man dagger and a blue 1,80 dagger, the highest i was as HFB muti, on patchwerk
was 4,5k pr sec, me and a friend specced rofl-HAT and did like 7k per sec.. but the specc is bugged and cant count for anything as u just spamm 5points evis on every global u got


How many bosses have you killed in MH pre patch 3.0? archimonde

How many bosses have you killed in BT pre patch 3.0? Illidan

How many bosses have you killed in SW pre patch 3.0? Kiljaeden

For the above, please clarify whether you were part of the progress raids or you joined further down the line. I was there, wiping, staying overtime just to get it down,
giving out flasks and pots to guildies who where out, trying to explain to those who couldnt understand, Im always willing to go that extra mile for progress

PVE WOTLK all except malygos 25man, (wipe 1% cause u got 5-7 ppl in the raid who barely can keep up 2stacks when the rest has 20) and sartharion + 1-2-3 drakes.

Have you spent countless hours reading forums, searching specs and familiarising yourself with the changes introduced in Wotlk? Give an example. Yes, i do read the forums ever day,
ive spendt as mentioned above, countless of hours reading it, Elitejerkist,US beta forums,shadowpanther (oldschool rogue hangout), Im one of those who hates to loose.. or do shitdps in raids
so i always kinda "study" my class, for its full potential

Have you, or are you in the process of farming the gear from lvl80 instances and heroics? Yea, as u prolly know by now ive rerolled to my dk, im putting up pugs 10/25 man, sartharion/vault as im trying to improve my gear
Im having a hard time being able to do naxx 10 tho, as everyone wants super geared so im not allowed to enter any pugs, Heroic farming is just supercool, yea im doing it
but as lucky as i am with gathering gear shit never drops, so i might be farming heroics by next expansion even

Have you, or are you in the process of farming your reputations for recipes and enchants? Yes as i rolled back to my dk Yesterday, and i was busy doing pugs then
im off to do sons of hodir daily's after ive made this application! =)

Do you play any other on-line games? hm no, used to play counter strike before i started with wow,

Have you ever lead raids, or been involved in Guild management?: Yes i have, im familiar with both and have no problem doing it, but im abit harsh tho, if i see u fail cause of slacking u gonna pay wat u owe!

Have you raided with other classes other than your own? Yea ive had some alts wich ive raided with, had a pvp warrior back in prebc wich i was allowed to bring to some naxx raids, Might of menethil hola! =)
also been raiding with guildmembers charrs to either help Them out or help the guild out, so can play basicly every class ingame except for a hm, prot palla?
never played that one before tbh :p


Where did you find out about Kiljaeden who? i saw u reqruiting in general :p norwegian/swe only ppl wich is perfect

Is there an active kiljaeden who player whom you know and can vouch for you? im new here, so i guess no :p

do you have, working ventrilo, the following addons up and running, working mic? and able to talk?

Ct_raid or Ora2
Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs
Grid (if not Grid what unit frame are you using?) ora2,DBM,Omen,ventrilo all versions up and running, Grid, check, got all those =)


Which do you believe are your main advantages as a player? cause im dedicated towards everything i do, i dont like being bad at anything, therefor i do my best to be good at what i do, i cant stand loosing,
or wiping on a encounter, so im always prepared for anything, i also know how to improvise (can give u endless of examples here.. got some funny ones so u can ask me^^)
and ye, i do my stuff, im quite familiar to the hardcore part of the game, as thats what i would like to call myself, a hardcore player, I dont care for loot,
i care for progress, but some loots are needed to progres ofc =)

Why should we invite you in our guild? What do you have to offer? I can offer what my class can to the raids, i can also offer my bad sense of humour on the ventrilo, my pve movies (always been frapsing and dooing pve movies)
and my uber social skills, no but hm really, im a nice and fair guy, if u need anything im always willing to help out, and i focus every raid, but i also know how to keep it funny at times where U can do it =)

best regards
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dk application [Accepterad] Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: dk application [Accepterad]   dk application [Accepterad] I_icon_minitimetis dec 30, 2008 4:04 am

Well, really nice application.

And really nice experience.

you wrote that you could spec anything that we need. We kinda need a death knight tank, if you are willing to be a tank, you are accepted. If not, and you want to go dps, i dont really know.

anyway, i gonna discuss this with the other officers and come back to you if you want to go dps otherwise, i can just say welcome Smile


dk application [Accepterad] 8443160gXelc
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dk application [Accepterad] Empty
InläggRubrik: bubub   dk application [Accepterad] I_icon_minitimetis dec 30, 2008 4:21 am

Im stunned by this application. And i really liked what i was reading. You seems like an dedicated player, and that is what we want! As you mentioned thou, you lack gear from just ggetting 80. But that will not be an problem for you i guess, not from what i've read. :-)

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dk application [Accepterad] Empty
InläggRubrik: Sv: dk application [Accepterad]   dk application [Accepterad] I_icon_minitime

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dk application [Accepterad]
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