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InläggRubrik: Lock apply   Lock apply I_icon_minitimeons sep 30, 2009 6:05 pm

My character's name, race and class:
Doffenlock, undead lock
My age:
My country:
Why do you apply to Murderer Inc? I’m interested in a seroius raiding guild that progresses more than the same 4 bosses each week in uld 25

Main Character: Doffenlock

Link to my WoW Armory profile (HINT: Logging out in PvE gear simplifies our evaluation of your gear level)
Time played with this char: 88 days

Raiding experience with this character:
pre TBC:molten core zg and aq 20^^
TBC: full cleare
WotLK:Naxx10/25 Os10/25 Eoe10/25 and ulduar 10/25

Current and former guilds for this char. List guilds and reason for leaving them:

My old guild was utgard i leaved this guild since stop raiding when i was ally

My class: Warlock

My talent spec for raids:

Tell us a little about your choice of talents. Which are your key talents? What alternative talents would you consider? I choose the specc ive got since ive been reading on forums and got some advice by my m8 Rsx to specc^^ my key talents is chaos bolt, conflagrate, ruin and devestation:O)

Give an example of a raid boss fight you've done that gives a good demonstration of your classes' abilities. What abilities did you use and why is this a good example?
Hard question :S Well, Okay I lets see patchwerk
Well I start off the fight by putting on Dots(Curse of Agony,Corruption,Immolate) then i start spam incinerate,Conflagrate when i can cast that spell and chaos bolt, then Re dots and do the same to patchwork is dead ^^

What consumables are essential for you in raids?
Great feast my own flask of the frost wyrm( i need to lvl my cooking from 400 to 450 to get Fishfeast)

Primary profession 1, level: Herbalism 450
Primary profession 2, level: Tailoring 450

Why have you chosen these professions?
Well, always have it sins lvl 1 ^^
Secondary professions, level?
Coocking 400(need to lvl)
Fishing 241
Firstaid 450

My raiding

How many raids can you attend to per week? As my feeling to raid, 2 raids per week is minimum

How do you prepare yourself for raids? Farm mats to pots and feast food ^^

Is your internet connection and your PC stable? Very stablel

Are you able to communicate in written and spoken English?
Well, i have dyslectic so i stock the words up, thats why my writing is kinda bad.
i can try to talk but im not talking to much English

Can you raid without interference from your surroundings?
Yes i can without any problems, unless some emergency comes up


Tell us a little about yourself. Feel free to add any information you think can be of interest.

I am a butcher working at the same place byakugan even doh he is sick

Why did you roll on a PvP server?
All My Friends was on this server, and its fun to gank ppl Very Happy
Which type of server is superior, PvP or PvE and why?
Pvp because its harder to lvl and farm since you need to be on guard for noobs gankers^^

er norsk men hadde lagret denne fra før ^^ derfor er den på engelsk
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Lock apply Empty
InläggRubrik: ^^   Lock apply I_icon_minitimeons sep 30, 2009 6:08 pm

Armory link
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Lock apply
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