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 Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]

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InläggRubrik: Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]   fre jan 23, 2009 7:00 pm

Like many others here my swedish would be more "svorsk" (as I am from Norway), so I'll do this in english. :-)

Karaktärens namn:

Death Knight / Tauren



talents 0/0/0:
17/0/54 (Unholy, DPS)

Raiding experience, PRETBC/TBC/WOTLK:
PRETBC: Everything. I had a lvl 60 Orc rogue at the time (Kull), and lead a guild called Grumpy Old Vikings (GoV).
TBC: As I hit 60 very early (played since beta) I started to grow tired of WoW a while before TBC came out. Hence, I sold my account and ended up buying a new one when they released the expansion. Due to this I spent a lot of time levelling a new char (chose blood elf due to it being new) up to 70. I have all keys, unlocked all heroics (and done them), but not come as far as starting raiding. Again, I missed a raiding guild at the time.
WOTLK: Time for yet a change. I parked my warlock at level 71,5 and rolled a DK. I now have every HC on farm, every WOTLK faction raised to Exalted, EVERY epic-item I can possibly use from epics, factions and HC's..

..and yea, I'm pretty ready to start raiding. :-)

Hur ofta kan du raida enligt våra tider?:
I hit the gym most weekdays so 18:30 wasn't the best possible time I could imagine. Sunday's perfect tho, and I recon I'll be able to squeeze in the gym a little earlier after work to be able to make 18:30.

Guilder du varit med i, och varför du lämnat?: GoV, Aasgard (They are both pre WOTLK, and thus.. disbanded)

Om du har nuvarade guild, varför tänker du lämna?: Chosen Ones. I was doing Naxx 10 with them yesterday and found my self doing 33% of the damage, with the runner up doing 17,5%.. Bottom line; I can't be arsed raiding with people that just hit 80 and think they'll do end-game instances with lots of greenies. :-S

Känner du någon i KILjAEDEN WHO, i så fall vem då: Detour. :-)

Om du har någon annan information du vill tillägga, t ex om dig själv, varför du vill joina kiljaeden osv:
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InläggRubrik: Sv: Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]   fre jan 23, 2009 7:03 pm

yeah.. my character-sheet. Wink
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Antal inlägg : 189
Join date : 08-12-29

InläggRubrik: Sv: Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]   fre jan 23, 2009 7:56 pm

Hello mate.

Very nice application. Your exp is great, gotta love that we are getting some more oldschoolers now Smile.
We are kinda full on Death Knight dps, but.. Detour is your friend and both of you really got the exp, some of us officers are oldschool ppl. So, it can just be fun to play with some more people from preTBC.

Well, as i said we are full on DK dps, but when i see applications like this and the exp you have, i can just give you a warm welcome.

Players like you and detour is what we need. And i think you guys are a big boost for the guild.


Whisp: Kolgate, Nakåh, Bozeman, Whobz, Zacharie, Filiboostin to get invited!


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InläggRubrik: Sv: Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]   

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Ansökan, Grimbatol [Accepterad]
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